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Apply the positioning techniques that major brands use to own a space in your customer’s mind and win mindshare.

This module is tied in with applying your choices from the Inspire and Differentiate modules to figure out what space in your purchasers’ brains you need to claim and can possess.

Situating, or owning a space in the brain of your purchaser, is more imperative today than it was decades prior when Jack Trout and Al Ries presented the idea.

Organizations and the Fortune 500 have utilized situating for a considerable length of time, yet it’s new to numerous SMEs. In the present Age of the Customer, owning that space is more testing than any time in recent memory because of our all day, every day associated society.

Here you’ll take in the ideas of situating and how the mind manages brands, alongside various situating approaches for particular phases of your market’s lifecycle to choose what you need your image to be known for.

Incorporate individuals with solid comprehension of your market in this module.

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