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Include screenshots

Like symbols, screenshots in your depiction might not directly affect seek rankings, but rather they do drive downloads. Pictures pass on additional about what it really is and breath life into your expressive content, enabling potential clients to envision utilizing your application before they make the download.

While you can transfer up to five screenshots for an iOS application and up to eight for an Android application, just your initial 2– 3 screenshots will appear in the display on page stack. Take unique care in guaranteeing that these screenshots address your greatest client benefits and are sufficiently solid to persuade the peruser to peruse your extra screenshots or download it.

While the application stores favor pictures that are illustrative of the client’s involvement in your application, you can actually transfer any realistic into the screenshot field including idea or character craftsmanship. Regularly, distributers will mix visual depiction with their screenshots to join a content overlay portraying key components or new highlights. For instance, Candy Crush Saga adds a realistic overlay to its screenshots to advance its new refresh.

Whatever your approach, your screenshots should flaunt your application’s most significant highlights, most recent updates, and the pages on which your clients will invest the greater part of their energy. Skirt the lovely sprinkle pages and demonstrate the client what they can expect amid regular utilize. For best outcomes, A/B test distinctive screenshot sets to figure out which screenshots drive the most downloads.

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