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Not at all like Boston sports fans, Twitter needs a win. The organization has endured four back to back quarters of promotion income decays and the current loss of its best income manager. So it’s swinging to the Super Bowl to put a few focuses on the board and cash in its coffers.

This year, Twitter will have its first-since forever #BrandBowl to recognize the brands that “won” the Super Bowl trying to feature the interpersonal organization’s capacity to score consideration for brands amid significant occasions. Notwithstanding creating its own particular Moments displaying the advertisements getting consideration on TV amid the diversion, after the amusement, Twitter will grant the brands that got the most consideration on its informal organization.

“It’s shrewd for Twitter to formalize their association in the Super Bowl and nearly put a stake in the ground as where the volume of Super Bowl talk around publicizing happens,” said Deep Focus CEO Ken Kraemer.

To fuel that dialog, Twitter will distribute Moments after each quarter that will recap the advertisements that circulated amid that time of the diversion. Individuals can join to be informed when these Moments are distributed by retweeting a tweet from @TwitterMKTG.

At that point after (ideally) the Eagles or (most likely) the Patriots have won the NFL’s Lombardi Trophy, Twitter will declare who won its #BrandBowl by means of a different Moment. Twitter won’t pitch advertisements to keep running inside any of the #BrandBowl52 Moments, as per an organization representative.

#BrandBowl rules

For a brand to take an interest in #BrandBowl52, it must tweet from its image account amid the amusement, and for three of the four principle grants, the brand must run a national TV spot amid the Super Bowl that show between the pre-diversion coin hurl and the last shriek, as indicated by the Twitter representative. Brands must select through their Twitter deals reps before the day of the amusement, and brands without a business rep at Twitter won’t have the capacity to take an interest.

A group of Twitter’s information researchers will track mark related tweets amid the diversion, and just tweets distributed between the pre-amusement coin hurl and the last shriek that closures the diversion will tally toward the opposition. Brand-related tweets will incorporate tweets that specify the brand’s Twitter handle or hashtag comparing to its business, and in addition different terms that individuals may incorporate when alluding to the advertisement, for example, the famous people that star in it, its plot, its jokes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as per the representative. Retweets will likewise check, yet likes won’t.

Honor classes

Twitter will declare victors in four primary classifications:

#MVP: Awarded to the brand that got the most astounding level of brand-related tweets.

#Blitz: Awarded to the brand that produced the most tweets every moment.

#Quarterback: Awarded to the brand that got the most retweets on a solitary tweet.

#Interception: Awarded to the brand that did not run a national TV spot amid the amusement yet got the most elevated level of brand-related tweets.

Brands won’t have the capacity to win more than one of the previously mentioned classifications. In the event that two brands tie in a given classification, Twitter will hand the win to the brand whose promotion’s hashtag gotten the most says, per the representative.

Notwithstanding these cross-mark classifications, Twitter will grant privileged notices to the brands that got the most elevated offer of in-amusement, mark related discussion in 10 verticals: mixed refreshments, car, shopper bundled merchandise, eating, excitement, monetary administrations, home and human services, retail, innovation and media communications and travel.

Winning brands will get elite access to undisclosed Twitter promotion items and custom shopper look into for their future Twitter battles, and in addition real trophies for the brand and its inventive and media offices.

A win for Twitter?

In any case, will trophies be sufficient for Twitter to prevail upon sponsors that are abating their spend on its promotions?

While Kraemer said he would be “unable to name an advertiser who might change their venture procedure in light of a stage grant, that would change how they’re spending their media dollars in view of that,” he could see #BrandBowl changing the brain of a brand that had wanted to sit out Super Bowl Sunday on Twitter.

“I know particularly advertisers that think about these sorts of KPIs [key execution indicators], similar to what number of individuals remarked on Twitter and did I win the Super Bowl in light of Twitter. It’s fundamentally an interior measure of achievement.


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